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The world's first blockchain-based, user-owned, event and activity database

Currently, the information about events and activities is spread over very different platforms, websites, apps, and blogs.

EventScouts is a decentralized social network focused on events and activities that brings this information to a single database: the blockchain.

Save & Subscribe to your favourite lists

We created a platform based on two core elements: lists and cards. Our lists are dynamic and can always grow.

Save - All in one place

All cards and lists for events and activities in one place. Quick access to the information you need, great overview, stay up to date with the things you care about.

Subscribe - Stay updated

You can subscribe to your favorite lists and creators and get notified via email, push or Telegram bot whenever a new event or activity has been created.

Earn money

Creators: own it & earn

Lists & Cards, your next (useful) NFTs

Every list and card you create will be an NFT (non fungible token) that comes with an embedded advertising banner. It can be leased and generate revenue. Contrary to traditional tech platforms, you won't have to pay hefty intermediary fees and get to keep most of the ad revenue.

Generate real money, early

Because you can own your content, you can sell the ad banner in an open marketplace. By selling some of the future potential revenue, you can generate income even before your content gets traffic.

speculators: scout it & earn

Earn passive ad revenue

Users can discover promising content in EventScouts. If they believe that a list or card will become popular and if its embedded ad banner will be sought after, they can buy it as an investment for future returns.

Earn by trading ad banners

Did you just discover a promising list? Buy its connected ad banner and trade it afterwards for more money once it gets more traffic.

How it works

All revenue from ads and NFT purchases are shared automatically and transparently between users through smart contract protocols. A small cut of each transaction will go to tokenholders, including the EventScouts company.

nft ad space sale

nft ad space leasing

With eventscouts you can Scout and invest in the creators’ success and turn the nfts into yield-generating Assets.